Serving Style with Boxes [49]

Friday, 5th August 2016

In our lives we spend a fairly good amount of time in boxes. It can be our homes, hotels, cars, trains, planes, offices or factories. It has become an integral part of our day to day life. This concept is what inspired and lead me to create this style
Here we have used boxes sitting idly in corners of our homes.
We have received some with gifts in them, some we got from stores with our purchases packed in them.

Get your stuff together
1 - The golden coloured rectangle box (14 inches by 10.5 inches)
1 - Cube shaped box
(5.5 inches on all sides)
1 - Small and thin rectangle box (6.7 inches by 4.7 inches, height is 1inch)
1 - Wooden tray (8 inches by 6 inches, height is 1.3 inches)
1 - Transparent cube shaped glass container (5 inch on all sides)
1 - Transparent bevelled glass or acrylic sheet (14.5 inches by 9.5 inches of 5mm glass)

11 - Small square or round bowls or small galsses (to serve individual helpings of food or the welcome drink)
1/2 sheet - Orange crepe paper (easily available in your closest stationry store)
4 small pieces of cream net
Cello transparent tape

A) Wrap the cube shaped box with the orange paper on all the five sides with the help of the tape.
Put the transparent container in it.
Place the net on all the four top rims of the box in such a way that it pops out more on the outer sides.
Tape the inner edges of the net to the inside part of the box so that it stays well..Do not tape the outer part of the net to the box, let it flow freely.
B) Place the small rectangular box in the white tray and stuff the gaps with some orange crepe paper.

1) Keep the golden box either on the centre table to serve your shorbas or on the dining table to serve your dishes or wherever you are placing your desserts.
2) Place the transparent sheet on it.
This will give a sheen to the style and protect the box from getting spoilt.
3) Place the prepared cube shaped box on the extreme top righ or left corner.
4) Now place the prepared tray on top of it. Open the box and place the sauce bowls or stirrers or dessert spoons in it.
5) Your ensemble is ready.
6) On the bottom part of your ensemble, that is the transparent sheet, place the food or drink in individual bowls or glasses respectively.
Note: I have used the sizes readily avaibale to me.
You can variate and use whatever sizes or colours you have, keeping the dimensions, corresponding sizes, height and colour play in mind.


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